Min: 2-100

Duration: 10 Days

Price: EURO 5200


10 Day – The Best Kenya Safari Tour

Classic Kenya Safari: Great Migration

The most amazing part of any Africa’s safari go-to destinations, Kenya is sandwiched in East Africa and is home to the Masai Mara National Park, known as the home of the annual Great Migration and big cats wildlife. It is a must do destination for honeymoon couples and families as well as adventure thrill seekers. There will not be a “classic safari” that can compete with a Kenyan Safari.

Day 1.  Amboseli National Reserve:

Amboseli, a photographer’s dream, is the place to visit to measure your wildlife safari and landscape expectation. Amboseli is known for large herds of elephants apart from the big five. Varied wildlife includes zebras, gazelles, elephants, bird species, and more.

2. Tsavo National Park:

Tsavo, uncrowded wide open spaces best known for its huge herds of red elephants due to the red-oxide soil and unique wildlife safari experiences. Best place for birdwatching and the endangered Taita thrush bird, as well as unique lions, whose male population often lack manes entirely.

3. Laikipia Plateau Region:

Laikipia, found on the edge of the Northern Frontier with views of Mount Kenya is the gateway to the road less traveled when it comes to wildlife and safaris in Kenya, which is northern Kenya.

4. Masai Mara, Wildlife Migration:

Nothing prepares you for that first sighting of the Masai Mara Great Migration of wildebeest, gazelle, and zebra. Combine this with the Serengeti and witness one of the greatest wildlife safari spectacles in the world. From hot air balloon flights, safari game driving, and guided safari walks, all makes the Masai Mara a living memory in your great world of Safari Journeys.

5. Mount Kenya

This is Africa’s second-highest mountain peak on the continent. And for visitors who are safari enthusiasts enjoy their wildlife game viewing in this highland.

Day 6 . Lake Turkana
This is the world’s largest permanent desert lake and alkaline lake that is in the Rift Valley of Kenya. Recognized as the world heritage siyte by unesco
Day 7 . Meru National Park

Meru is known as one of the best national parks in Kenya with diverse scenery, mountain-fed streams, and mountains. Grevy’s zebras, Bohor reedbucks, hartebeests, pythons, puff adders, cobras, lions, elephants, cheetahs, black rhinos, leopards, and herds of buffalos are prominent in Meru.

Day 8. Coastal Kenya

Seaside life in Kenya is incredible and comes out best when you combine beach and bush. Considering Mombasa, Diani Beach in Kenya, or Zanzibar for Honeymooners for a romantic experience beyond compare.

Day 9. Nairobi

Nairobi, your gateway to some of the best safari tours in Kenya and best safari destinations in Kenya, from the picturesque Amboseli with its views of Mount Kilimanjaro to the Great Migration premium destination of the Masai Mara and many other national parks in between.

10. Culture Tours

Getting a glimpse of cultural experiences in Kenya comes out from over 40 tribes. Traditional songs and dances are shared with the visitors upon their arrival as a welcome gesture by the Masai people. Book a guided Masai Village tour and interact with the Masai people and learn about their lifestyle.

Kenya Safari Packages 

Why Matadi Africa and Travel Tours  for your 10 Best Kenya Safari Tours? Our private & luxury guided tour packages in Kenya are family-friendly safaris & affordable honeymoons for couples. Kenya safaris along the Mara River is by far the top luxurious safari holiday and vacation adventure trips in Africa with its great migration tours and activities. Africa, land of top safari destinations, and holiday paradise for photographic safaris walking safaris. For thrill-seekers, Kenya safari offers hot-air ballooning to privately guided and scheduled walking safaris for honeymoon couples and any family size wanting to take home the most memories of Africa.

the best place To visit  In Kenya?

Kenya is popular and generally offer affordable safari destinations with diverse and unique sceneries.

  1. Amboseli National Reserve
  2. Tsavo National Park
  3. Laikipia Plateau Region
  4. Masai Mara, Wildlife Migration
  5. Hiking MT Kenya
  6. Lake Turkana
  7. Meru National Park
  8. Coastal Kenya
  9. Nairobi
  10. Culture tours


  1. Amboseli National Reserve – big game and the jewel of scenic beauty. Distant tower of Mount Kilimanjaro and it’s magnificent views, bird species, and lots of elephants.
  2. Tsavo National Park – Lumo community wildlife sanctuary, shetani lava flows, Mzimba Springs and roaring rocks.
  3. Laikipia Plateau Region -Walking safari, Camel-back and horse-back riding, the big 5 and black rhinos.
  4. Masai Mara, Wildlife Migration – big game viewing and
  5. Mount Kenya – second highest mountain peak on the continent
  6. Lake Turkana – the world’s largest permanent desert and alkaline lake
  7. Meru National Park – Wildlife safari and the big 5, picnic sites
  8. Coastal Kenya – Coastal relaxing towns and jewel beaches
  9. Nairobi – the Metropolitan city of Kenya where all relaxation, conservations, and safari begins
  10. Culture tours- Masai Mara.
  11. Best African Safari Great Migration Packages
  12. Kenya is melting pot for safari tour and packages for any family size travelling with children.


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